Don't Call It Love

Don’t call it love is the most recent track in Sove’s discography. Showing off the upbeat ‘pop’ and playful side of her work. The song includes multiple breaks with samples of her talking that the mic picked up during the recording session. Each chorus has an ambient crowd sound and lots of percussion, feeling natural and primal, and making you instinctively dance.


Earlier in 2019 Sove released a collaboration with fellow Essex artist Bee Arnold. Bop combines the warm, captivating tones of Sove with the striking, rich voice of featured artist Bee. Sove was delighted to have her first collaboration with such a talented and like-minded artist.

In The Cold

Sove’s debut EP from late-2018 showed off her versatile voice and saw many blogs posts, radio plays, interviews and reviews. Comprising of 5 contrasting tracks, you’re sure to find something you like, whether it be a powerful rock-influenced track like ‘In The Cold’ or the soft, relaxing vibe of ‘Floating.

Crossing My Mind

Sove’s first ever release was an incredibly catchy and uplifting song about a love interest running through her mind all day long from the first time they met. Sove wanted a track that would, in turn, cross your mind throughout your day. With memorable hooks and cheerful lyrics, you won’t be able to get enough of this song.

Sove is a 23 year old singer songwriter from Essex in the UK.

Working alongside her producer brother ‘S BNJMN’ she has already released a number of tracks showcasing her range as an artist.

2019 has been all about the build up to her next release ‘Not The Same’ which she feels defines her as an artist and marks her place in the genre she loves.